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It couldn’t be easier…

Free Table

Free Table

We provide you with a table free of charge, the income is split on a 50/50 basis.

Free Delivery

Free Delivery

Our team will arrange a convenient date for the delivery, the table is placed and set up ready for use. All we ask is that you keep the table for a minimum of 3 months.

Free Maintenance

Free Maintenance

A member of our team will service the table each time they visit, and of course you can call us in the unlikely event that there is a problem with one of our tables. All cue’s, balls etc. are provided.

No Running Costs

Big Profits

Just big profits! There’s no outlay and no electrics required, just put our tables in a spot where your customers can enjoy them and they will earn you a great extra income.

About Us

A bit of background

Not only have the Spanish brought us the Paella, the flamenco and the Siesta, Spain is also the birthplace of the Futbolin table.

Over our 20 years of business our unique Futbolin table has been developed to give a longer, more realistic game. They’re not just any tables, both our Football and Pool tables are handcrafted, made of solid oak and look great in any surrounding. If you’re a table football lover like us you can read more about why our tables are the best.

Our Tables

Please choose the table you would like to hire

football table

Solid Oak Football table

Size -
Width 5'5 ft
Length 5'5 ft
Height 3'3 ft

Weight - approx 175kg

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    • Mini Footballs

      Our super smooth, deluxe black and white mini-footballs have been exclusively designed, with durability and style in mind, paying particular attention to the weight, dimension and strength of the ball.

    • Pitch

      Our pitch is different from the flat, convex or elevated corner types, in that it is larger and slightly concave. Our findings, proved that this design helps to maintain the momentum of the ball, making for a faster game. All tables are fitted with shock absorber trim around the pitch to protect the high impact areas and to offer noise reduction.

    • Figures

      Made from reinforced aluminium and hand painted in team colours, each figure has two legs for better control of the ball. This feature also enables you, the player, to perfect unlimited passing skills and other tricks, including the favourite 'aerial' shot.

    • Timber

      Only the very best quality, solid timber is used for our tables.

    Pool Table

    Tournemount Pool Table

    Size - 7 ft

    Weight - approx 245kg

    Table Wood-

    Black Wood Black Wood Brown Wood Brown Wood

    Table Cloth-

    GreenGreen Cloth Blue Blue Cloth RedRed Cloth

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